“This is not an invitation into a cartoon encounter with God, nor with each other. It is a multi-dimensional, littered, vivid, living story of being human, seeking God and neighbor.”

-Mark Labberton,

President of Fuller Theological Seminary

“With the CMYK Project, it seems to me that Justin begins to blow the lid off something. Giving voice to (without answering or solving) a meaning problem -- a good number of them actually. He expresses a resolve to remain alive to contradictions, dwelling within them, instead of denying or sealing them over. Justin clears a space for a sacred unknowing within which we say what we feel, not what we feel we ought to say. And this work isn't a deal-breaker with (or an exit from) a meaningfully Christian life so much as it's a clear sign of its presence. Listen and be enriched.”

-David Dark,
author of “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything”

“Every now and then we get the great privilege and joy of reading a book that truly touches us, taking us on a roller coaster ride of laughter and tears, great storytelling and profound, even dangerous insight. Justin's book is like that, and it is not sensationalistic or maudlin or overdrawn; it has, as do his best songs, the ring of human-scale truth.  It made me feel things, it provoked me, it helped me see what it means to journey down (as another singer-songwriter wrote) that "ragged, rugged road to Kingdom come." The interesting format of letters and essays and song lyrics is fresh -- which is the reviewers way of saying that this hasn't been done before.  What a project!  Highly recommended.  Unless you don't like to laugh, and you're afraid of feeling deeply the tough stuff of life, or don't want to be invited to a deeper, more honest faith.  And then, it is very highly recommended.

  - Byron Borger,
Hearts and Minds Bookstore

"Justin McRoberts creates earnest, enlightening art that engages us with truth and humanity, emotion and self doubt. All of those things can be read and heard in Justin's latest project, "CMYK: The Process of Life Together." This collection of essays, ideas, and music shines a bright necessary light on the concept of community. Using the science of color, Justin brings much needed beauty and insight into what "life together" means and how it can affect and redefine what it means to follow Jesus."

-Matthew Paul Turner,
Author of "Churched"

“Justin has never written me a song.  Nor a letter.  And never on  a rubber duck.  But CMYK is my story too.  He has added so much color to my life over the years - colors I never imagined could or should go together.  These songs and letters are masterfully told and sung - with whimsy and heavy grace - but most importantly, they are true.”

-Dan Deeble,
Lead Pastor of Heartland Community Church

"Justin's words are deeply provoking and at times unsettling. They're not intended to impress me or rattle me for rattlings sake, they are simply the words of Justin's testimony, words that God has shared with him along his journey. They are words that point me to God. There is so much for me to ponder in here I know I will be reading this again and again for years to come."

-Steve Jones,
Director of Creative Relationships at Compassion International